How To Unlock Overwatch League Skins

Overwatch League

Now players can rep their favourite pro team in the hit FPS from Blizzard, Overwatch. What better way to show your support than to have your main rock those familiar colours of whatever team has captured your loyalty? The new League-specific skins were first announced earlier this year, and each hero design is carefully crafted to encapsulate different teams and their iconic colours. But how do you get them?

Usually with Overwatch, the festive limited-time only skins can be unlocked through gameplay and found in random loot boxes. For these, however, things will run a bit differently. Blizzard has officially announced via a new video exactly how players can rep their favourite team for all 26 heroes. Instead of the usual grind, there will be a new sort of in-game currency called League Tokens that players can buy to trade in for team-specific loot. The reason for this isn't to suddenly pull an EA, it's another way that fans can show support, yes monetarily, for their favourites teams.

Each purchase goes to the team in question. So by making that in-game buy for your main, you are directly supporting the team that you admire. It's a neat way for fans to give their backing support while also getting something a little extra in return. The League Tokens will be League-specific only - so sorry, Cthulhu Zenyatta fans, you can't use them for that sweet Halloween skin.

The Overwatch League skins still have several months to go until they launch, so the prices haven't been set in stone as of yet. There is also no word on if there is another additional bonus to watching the eSports livestream either, but there is still time for clarification. Until then, Overwatch is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players now.