Humble Bundle and Yogscast Raise Over 5 Million for Charity


A month-long charity collaboration is coming to a close on the 31st, and when it does, over 5 million dollars will be donaated to incredible causes thanks to the Yogscast team and audience. Yogscast -- a group of passionate gamers who podcast and stream their favorite games -- holds an annual Jingle Jam charity drive in collaboration with Humble Bundle, and this year's has been one of the most rewarding ever.

The bundle, which is available for just a few more days, contains tons of titles that are worth the price, including Rust, Dungeon of the Endless, Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition, Garry's Mod, and DLC packs for huge titles like Star Trek Online. For only $35, players get over $800 in games and additional items to improve their gaming experience. But what's more, they get to participate in giving to a variety of charities chosen for the drive. These include The Grand Appeal, Special Effect, Save the Children, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the Mental Health Foundation, the LGBT+ organization ILGA, Cancer Research UK and charity: water. The inclusion of Rust should be enough for the price as it is (if you like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you might like Rust), but all of the bonuses, along wth the great cause, kind of make the entire $35 buy completely worth it in the end.

When the charity went live, it made one million dollars within 24 hours, and fans everywhere celebrated the community that built around Yogscast. The second day brought another million before donations predictably began to slow down, but the charity's intake has held extremely steady. At the time of this writing, the efforts of Yogscast's Jingle Jam have raised a total of 5,122,084.42 USD.

You can pick up the bundle here. All of the games are made to play on PC, though some also work on Mac OS and Linux.