Ice T Shows Off His 'Destiny 2' 650 Guardian While Waiting for 'The Division 2'

It seems we're not the only ones anxiously awaiting The Division 2. Rapper / Actor Ice T is pretty vocal on his Twitter about his passion for gaming but his latest tweet resonates with every single Destiny 2 player on his feed.

While talking about his wait for Ubisoft's The Division 2, Ice casually dropped that he's wrapped his light level 650 Guardian in the Bungie sequel to Destiny. When one follower issued the typical "pics or it didn't happen" challenge, Ice delivered - he brought the pics. Well, one pic. A very grainy pic, but it's a pic and it's impressive!

The replies were pretty hilarious too, everybody loves it when Uncle Ice starts talking about gaming:

Although, people were peeping at that Telesto equip -- especially after the PvP nerf:

I personally started following him religiously on social media when I spotted a Cayde-6 from Destiny 2 statue in a post about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The nerdy collector within just couldn't let it go without saying anything and though I don't think I'll ever get to raid with him any time soon, it was a cool little moment in the name of Cayde. That, or I'm just stupidly obsessed with Destiny's Hunter. Tomato, Tomahto.


With the new year now one month in and a phenomenal line-up of games slated for 2019, we're excited to see where the adventures of Ice T lead next!

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