Today is Your Last Chance to Buy Indivisible's Physical Exclusive Edition

(Photo: Lab Zero)

Indivisible has grown from a crowdfunding effort to a full-fledged, gorgeous game, created by the stylistic minds behind Skullgirls. Whether you're a fan who has followed it from the beginning or you're just now getting into the game, the side-scrolling action-adventure is a beautiful new take on the genre that features an interesting cast and a story that's actually worth reading through. As the game nears its 2018 release, physical editions seem to be ore limited in number than ever. Players officially have one more day to pick up their exclusive physical Collector's Edition of the game in an exclusive bundle that includes a special statue, in-game items and more. Here's the reminder from the game's official Twitter account below:

Players looking to grab the limited edition goods offered by the developers also only have until tomorrow, and there are plenty of combination packs available on the game's BackerKit to choose from. The most expensive bundle, priced at $500, includes the following:

- EXCLUSIVE Physical Collector's Edition


- EXCLUSIVE Roti Plush Toy

- EXCLUSIVE Framed Giclée Print -

EXCLUSIVE Physical Soundtrack

- Digital Wallpapers

- Digital Soundtrack

- Digital Download Code

- Backer-exclusive Character Colors

- Backer Preview Download Code

- Digital Art Compendium

There are plenty of other options to choose from, including the physical edition which comes with a limited edition tin, but for anyone who isn't interested in the collectibles, there's a great download pack available for $29.99. The bundle comes with the game on the platform of your choice, along with exclusive character colors, digital wallpapers, the game's soundtrack, and a Backer Preview Download Code.

Indivisible will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac OS in 2018.