Infamous PS5 Rumor Gains Traction Following Recent Move From PlayStation

Within the past day, a new rumor came about suggesting that PlayStation could soon be looking to bring back its dormant superhero franchise, Infamous. The series, which has solely been developed by Sucker Punch Productions up until this point, hasn't received a new installment of any sort since 2014. And while there is no guarantee that we'll end up seeing a new entry announced later this week at Sony's PlayStation Showcase event, a move that transpired from the publisher not long ago adds a bit of credibility to the rumor.

Not long after this the rumor of a new Infamous game first started swirling, fans began digging around online to see if there is anything that may have transpired in relation to the franchise in recent history. As luck would have it, one such development was discovered. Found by user @Onion00048 on Twitter, it seems as though PlayStation actually re-registered the domain for the official Infamous website earlier this summer. Rather than letting the domain expire, those at Sony updated it at the end of June in order to keep the website name in its control.

So does this move mean that PlayStation could be planning to use this website once again for a new Infamous title? Well, it's hard to say. Even if no such Infamous game for PlayStation 5 is set to be revealed in the near future, Sony may have opted to purchase this domain once again just to keep it out of the hands of others. This is something that many video game companies do for older franchises, regardless of whether or not a revival may be in the cards.

At this point in time, the official Infamous web domain still points back to Sucker Punch's own site. While much of the site is now decked out in iconography related to Ghost of Tsushima, which is the studio's most recent title, perhaps we could soon see it get overhauled if a new Infamous game were to be announced. Time will tell later this week what the truth happens to be.


So what do you think about this potential development? Do you think it points to the upcoming reveal of a new Infamous game? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.