New Infamous Game Rumored to Appear at PlayStation Showcase

Ahead of Sony's upcoming PlayStation Showcase event, which is slated to take place later this week on September 9, a new rumor has emerged which may tease the return of a popular franchise from the brand's past. Specifically, that franchise happens to be Infamous, which is the open-world superhero series created by Sucker Punch Productions. And although this rumor might very well end up being nothing more than that--a rumor--it does suggest that this week's upcoming presentation could have some major surprises in store.

News of this potential new installment in the Infamous series comes from one Nick Baker. Baker, who has been an often-reliable insider over the course of 2021, took to Twitter today and shared that he has heard that a new Infamous game of some sort could be unveiled in the coming days. It's worth noting that Baker himself stressed that this rumor might very well not carry much weight because he couldn't get it absolutely verified by one of his sources. Still, he added that he's a big fan of the series and he'll be crossing his fingers in hopes of a potential announcement.

As a whole, the Infamous franchise is one that has been dormant for quite some time. The last mainline entry in the series was that of Infamous Second Son, which launched in 2014. A standalone expansion known as Infamous First Light ended up also releasing later in 2014, but since that time, Sucker Punch moved on to create Ghost of Tsushima. It stands to reason that a sequel to Tsushima is something that could be in early development at Sucker Punch right now, which begs the question of which studio would even work on a new Infamous game.


So what do you think about this potential tease? Would you like to see Infamous make a return of some sort on PlayStation 5? And who do you think would even work on a new installment? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.