'Injustice 2' Watchtower LIVE: Black Manta Gameplay And Legendary Gear Reveal

It's finally time to see Black Manta in action, and hopefully get our first look at legendary gear in Injustice 2!

Today's Watchtower livestream is set to go live at 3PM central, but these guys are always at least a few minutes late. If you're not seeing the stream yet, make sure to refresh the page to see if the stream has started up yet. We'll be hosting the entire stream, so check it out above!

Today we're getting our first look at high-level, unscripted Black Manta gameplay. We had a gameplay trailer earlier, but that was basically to showcase all of Black Manta's cool-looking combos against dummies. Today, we get to see what Black Manta looks like in the hands of an experienced tester who knows him down to his subtlest frames. If you're looking to main Black Manta, or you want to know how to defend against him, then you need to be paying attention.

We've also seen confirmation that today's stream will be the first time that NetherRealm Studios opens up about the addition of legendary gear in Injustice 2. Up until this point, we've only seen gear up to the "epic" tier; legendary gear is a completely new level of equipment that we've never seen before, and we can't wait to see what it looks like.

NetherRealm has been a little ambiguous up to this point, and we're not sure whether we're actually going to get to see the gear today, or if we're simply going to learn about it. Hopefully we get a few examples to whet our appetite.


Stay tuned! If we get any breaking first looks at legendary gear or any other exciting announcements, we'll be recapping all of it right here with screenshots and info. Get comfortable and enjoy the stream with us, and we'll hit you with the important info right after it concludes.