Limbo And Inside Are Coming To Retail With A Dark, Critically-Acclaimed Double Pack

Have you still not got around to playing Limbo and its spiritual successor Inside? Don’t feel [...]

(Photo: Playdead)

Have you still not got around to playing Limbo and its spiritual successor Inside? Don't feel too bad, it can be easy to overlook digital games like this. Well, good news – there's now a super painless way to get your hands on the critically acclaimed duo, as 505 Games and developer Playdead have announced a physical double pack featuring both Inside and Limbo will be coming to retail. This is the first time Inside has been offered on a disc, and the first current-gen physical release for Limbo (it came out on an Xbox 360 disc in 2011).

(Photo: 505 Games/Playdead)

In addition to two of the most acclaimed and influential indie games of the past decade, the Inside/Limbo double pack will include a "limited edition" poster and an art card. Emerging from a cave and not sure what these games are all about? Here's how developer Playdead describes them:

Limbo is an eerie black-and-white 2D sidescroller that features elements of film noir, terrific horror and haunting imagery that adds increased depth to the game's minimalist and ambient gameplay.

Inside heaves unique challenges at players navigating a stark, yet gorgeous dystopian monochromatic 2.5D environment to guide the red-shirt wearing protagonist away from nearly certain death that culminates in a heart-pounding climax.

If you've missed out on Inside and Limbo, you really owe it to yourself to give them a go. Both games are short, but at a mere $30, this double pack is priced just right. Leave the Inside/Limbo box out on the coffee table when you have company over and want to look like a sophisticated patron of independent art games. Also, you're going to want to catch up, because one of Playdead's co-founders have announced they're working on a new project called Somerville.

The Inside and Limbo double pack hits the Xbox One and PS4 on September 12.

[via Gematsu]