Insomniac: There Was Pressure Excluding Villains From Spider-Man PS4

In just about a month’s time, we’ll be taking to saving New York City with our favorite [...]


In just about a month's time, we'll be taking to saving New York City with our favorite web-slinger in Insomniac Games' Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. So far, the game is shaping up to be spectacular -- but some fans may be slightly bummed it's missing certain things. For instance, villains.

We already know a few aren't joining the game this time around, such as Venom. And you can probably imagine what kind of pressure the team faced when it came to picking and choosing the best villains for the game.

While speaking with Push Square, game director Bryan Intihar explained that the team felt the weight from the decisions that they made. "100 percent, yes. I think that everybody has their favorite character and supporting characters and villains, but at the end of the day, some people will be super happy and some people will be wishing there was someone else in there.

"We had to do what was best for the experience, (both in terms of) the story we wanted to tell and in terms of a gameplay challenge. So, we just tried to find those best matches. It's a pretty big cast so hopefully we got a lot of peoples' favorites."

Indeed, while Spider-Man for PS4 has some familiar foes like the Shocker and Electro, it also went a little off the trail with a few selections, including Mister Negative and Silver Sable. But there's no shortage of baddies for Spidey to go up against, so don't worry yourself there, true believers.

Intihar did have a playful laugh when it was suggested he should save some characters for the sequel. Hey, one game at a time, folks.

The interview also covers a number of other subjects, such as the exquisite art style that the game possesses, as well as the fictional in-game story feed and keeping the open world interesting enough for players to explore. Based on our hands-on time with the game, Insomniac Games had no trouble filling in that category. We can't wait to swing around New York and see what it has to offer.

And now that the game has gone gold, we won't have to wait too much longer. Spider-Man arrives on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro starting September 7!