Jade Raymond Talks Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes, Notes They Were a Learning Experience

Star Wars

No game garnered more controversy last year than Star Wars: Battlefront II. Electronic Arts and DICE built up the game with a great deal of promise, only for fans to shun it mainly due to its controversial loot crate system.

EA did manage to scuttle the system at the very last second, and then upgraded the game to do away with the loot boxes altogether, but a great deal of damage was already done.

With that, Jade Raymond, who helped create the Assassin’s Creed franchise and now heads up the team at EA Motive (the team that created the single player campaign for the game), opted to address the matter during a Gamesbeat session earlier today, explaining that EA was trying something out, but it clearly didn’t work in its favor.

“Well, look,” she said. “I mean, the team worked really hard on that game and I’ve gotta say there were obviously some big learnings to take away and the team at DICE has been continuing to work really hard.” “EA is a learning company, so we are really focused on how we improve and obviously don’t make those kinds of same mistakes again.”

The game is starting to see a turnaround now that it won’t have those dreaded loot crates, but the real question is if EA has learned its lesson for future games. After all, its FIFA games have the Ultimate Team mode, where players can purchase new cards in an attempt to get a better squad, and that feature might just return for the forthcoming FIFA 19. We’ll likely find out more in just a few weeks, when the company hosts its EA Play event just days before the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 takes place.


We did review the game when it came out, and, controversy be damned, we did enjoy it, thanks to its “complete package” feel. But we also addressed how some might be turned off because of the loot crate controversy. Ah, well, at least it’s in the past now, and will hopefully stay there.

You can check out Star Wars: Battlefront II now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.