Joe Manganiello Launches New Line of 'Dungeons & Dragons' Streetwear at SDCC

Justice League and True Blood actor Joe Manganiello is launching his own line of clothing, the first wave of which involves Dungeons & Dragons-themed apparel, that will officially launch SDCC weekend.

Manganiello is an avid D&D fan and is even involved with the development of a proposed movie based on the historic game franchise. And now, he's starting a new line of gear called "Death Saves," which officially will be available beginning the weekend of July 20th. The first wave of clothing will feature designs based off of classic creatures and designs from Dungeons & Dragons.

The apparel line, which features jackets, shirts, and rings, appeal to both D&D enthusiasts and fans of horror or heavy metal. Some of the designs heavily lean into the classic dark history of D&D and feature monsters like the Beholder or Kargoth the Undying, D&D's first Death Knight. Many of the shirts harken back to the old school heavy metal t-shirts that Manganiello and his friends grew up wearing.

You can see some examples of some of Death Saves shirts below:

One shirt, which Manganiello showed off at D&D's recent "Stream of Many Eyes" event, lists the rules for making death saving throws on the back of the shirt.

To help promote his new apparel line, Manganiello will be participating in a planned takeover of the Bait retail store in San Diego during San Diego Comic-Con weekend. Not only will fans be able to get Death Saves apparel a day before the clothing line officially launches, Manganiello will be working the cash registers from 1 to 3 PM. Some of the Death Saves apparel at Bait will include special designs that will only be available to those in attendance.

Bait is also collaborating with D&D on other SDCC-exclusive clothing items, including an awesome shirt featuring the original art of a Beholder.


For those who aren't attending SDCC, Death Saves will begin selling apparel on their website beginning on July 20th. These will be hot items, so fans should probably mark their calendars if they want to guarantee getting their hands on one of these great D&D themed items.

Manganiello is one of D&D's biggest ambassadors and it's great that he'll be promoting the brand at one of the biggest "geek" gatherings of the year. You can meet Manganiello at Bait's store, which is located at 920 5th Ave, just a few blocks away from SDCC.