Yakuza Spin-Offs Judgment and Lost Judgment Released for PC

After prolonged requests from fans, Sega and developer RGG Studio are finally giving fans the Yakuza spin-off games Judgment and Lost Judgment on PC via Steam. Amidst a litany of other announcements tied to the series today, RGG Studio also confirmed a previous leak associated with Judgment coming to PC. Fortunately, unlike many other Yakuza (or rather Like a Dragon) projects that are in the works, both of these Judgment spin-offs can be played right now. 

As of this moment, both Judgment and Lost Judgment are available to purchase and play on PC through Steam. The original Judgment, which first launched in 2019, retails for $39.99 on the platform while its 2021 sequel is being sold for $59.99. Both games take place in the same world as RGG Studio's other Yakuza titles, but the Judgment series follows a different cast of characters. Many of the combat mechanics and general structure of previous Yakuza games are also found in Judgment and Lost Judgment, though. 

To see both Judgment and Lost Judgment come to PC is actually a huge shock. It was previously reported in 2021 that major disagreements between Sega and the agency of Takuya Kimura, who is the actor that portrays protagonist Yagami in both Judgment titles, led to Sega being unable to release PC versions of both games. Essentially, Kimura's agency didn't want PC iterations of the games to come about due to how fan mods might make their star look in-game. The dispute between Sega and Kimura's agency was said to be so rough that it could have even led to the Judgment sub-series ending. Clearly, though, a solution to this problem was discovered which has now led to today's events. 

If you'd like to see everything else that RGG Studio has announced within the past day in relation to the Yakuza franchise, you can find more information down below: