Rumor: 'Jump Force' Is Releasing February 2019

A new Jump Force rumor suggests that Bandai Namco’s manga and anime fighter will be out in February 2019.

The fighting game that brings together characters across different manga and anime worlds such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Death Note, and more was already known to be coming sometime in 2019, but a more precise release date hasn’t been shared. Twitter user and anime and manga reporter YonkouProductions supposedly has inside knowledge on the game’s release date though with a tweet shared on September 15th saying that the game will be out in February 2019. YonkouProductions didn’t divulge exactly how that information came to be known, but in another reply to a Twitter user who asked what the source on the information was, YonkouProductions responded to say that they always have a way.

YonkouProductions has a track record of accurately reporting on anime and manga news in the past, but the information hasn’t been confirmed yet with an official release date from Bandai Namco, so the projected February timeframe should still be regarded as a rumor. It’s an earlier date than many people waiting for the game had likely anticipated with the game releasing alongside other big-name games like Anthem, Days Gone, and Metro Exodus if that release timeframe is accurate. It’s a month that’s already becoming packed with anticipated games, but Jump Force would be the only game of its kind if it did release that month.

Bandai Namco keeps revealing more characters for Jump Force as well, so if the February date is when people can expect the game to be out, there should be many more reveals to come between now and then. Jump Force has already incorporated characters from the core anime and manga series that people are most familiar with as well as more recent news about Hunter x Hunter and Bleach characters with the most recent addition to the roster being Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh!. The duelist is a character that caught people off guard due to his non-physical nature, but we’ve got a couple of ideas on how the character might work in a fighting game as well as what cards and monsters he’d use to face other powerful fighters like Goku and Naruto.

Jump Force is currently only confirmed to be releasing sometime in 2019.