'Just Cause 4' Trailer Reveals Tornado Gameplay and New Weapons

Square Enix revealed new Just Cause 4 gameplay today that features a fierce, plane-destroying [...]

Square Enix revealed new Just Cause 4 gameplay today that features a fierce, plane-destroying tornado and some new and returning tools.

The Just Cause 4 trailer is one of the first that we've seen for the game with the extreme weather effects returning once again as they tear through the South American environment. Protagonist Rico Rodriguez chases down the tornado in a Storm Chaser, a vehicle equipped to handle the strong winds and other hazards that come with following a tornado.

All of the tornado effects and everything being thrown around are made possible by the new Apex Engine that developers Avalanche Studios use in the game, the trailer explained. The way the tornado tosses things aside and where they move is a result of the engine's real-time calculations that are being made as the tornado and other storms move, something that'll affect everything that players see.

"In Just Cause 4, gigantic Tornados rip through the destructible world, tear airplanes out of the sky, and send huge pieces of debris spiralling through the air," the trailer's description previews. "This is not only visually stunning, but they open up unique and brand new gameplay opportunities that just aren't available in any other video game. Thanks to the new Apex Engine, you've never seen anything like this before!"

After Rico followed the tornado to a hostile airport, he then has to take care of some Wind Cannon that are affecting the storm. This is where we get to see some more of the tools at the main character's disposal, some of them new and others returning from previous games in the series. A Railgun is the weapon of choice used in the trailer to dismantle the machines, a gun that sends out bursts of energy to destroy the Wind Cannon.

It also has a secondary fire option — something that's shared among all the new weapons — that deploys a drone that will fight with Rico. He can also latch onto this drone with his grappling hook that will help pull himself to safety or pull off some creative maneuvers. This can also be used alongside his wingsuit, a staple in the series alongside the grappling hook. Players can also use this hook to take out the Wind Cannon and other objects with the tool sending the machine spiraling into the air.

Just Cause 4 is scheduled to release on December 4.