Just Cause Movie Adaptation in the Works from John Wick Writer

A movie adaptation of the Just Cause video game series is in the works with talent from the John [...]

A movie adaptation of the Just Cause video game series is in the works with talent from the John Wick franchise working on the project. The film will be created by Constantin Film with Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick series, serving as the film's writer. Robert Kulzer from Constantin Films and Prime Universe Films' Adrian Askarieh will serve as the film's producers, according to details released about the film so far.

The game franchise encompasses four different titles of the same name that start at the first Just Cause and are capped off currently with Just Cause 4 which released not too long ago. Just Cause games are created by both Avalanche Studios and Square Enix and follow the story of protagonist Rico Rodriguez as he takes on a nefarious group known as The Black Hand. We've gotten a taste of what the Just Cause series might look like in a live-action format before through cinematic trailers like the one above though.

Those involved with the film have worked on movie adaptations of video game series in the past. Askarieh served as the producer for the Hitman movies that take after the games of the same name and task players with assassinating their targets in unique ways. Kulzer is one producer on the Resident Evil franchise which is also owned by Constantin Film.

While the Just Cause movie will be big news for series fans, it's not the only gaming adaptation news that's made headlines recently. Sony's started up a new unit called PlayStation Productions with the intents of bringing PlayStation's biggest series to TV and film, and one of those might've already been chosen with a Twisted Metal TV series reportedly in the works.

No release date for the film has been announced nor do we know who has been cast in the movie. Filming is expected to begin in 2020.