Why is Kanye West Following 'Cyberpunk 2077' On Twitter?

kanye west cyberpunk 2077

Why is Kanye West following CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 on Twitter? The answer is likely boring, but I can't help but wonder -- again -- why the heck is Kanye West following the official Cyberpunk 2077 page on Twitter?

At first glance, this may seem like a non-story. And it might be. After all -- as I write this I can envision every top comment on social media about this post all saying -- who cares? Celebrities follow all types of different people and pages, and it means nothing. But Kanye is a somewhat special case.

See, not only is Kanye West only following a measly 18 other profiles, but one of the biggest trends of his followings is that he tends to mostly just follow people, companies, and organizations he collabs with. Now, it seems incredibly unlikely -- emphasis on incredibly and unlikely -- that he is doing some type of collaboration.

For one, CD Projekt Red is located all the way in Poland, far away from Ye and his daily life. Two, why the heck would Kanye West and CD Projekt Red be working together for Cyberpunk 2077? No, until mounting evidence suggests otherwise, we should always assume Kanye West and CD Projekt Red aren't working together, no matter what, because why the heck would they be?

But if the pair aren't working together, why is Kanye West following them on Twitter? The game isn't exactly a super known quality outside of gaming circles, and West doesn't follow a single other video game related page (except for a streamer, who just happens to be a huge fan of the game).

There's nothing random about the profiles Kanye West follows. Again, he follows virtually nobody. So, is Kanye West simply a fan of Cyberpunk 2077, and follows the page as a result? Well, he's also a huge fan of Rick and Morty and doesn't follow that page, so that explanation doesn't seem very viable.

It's well documented that Kanye is a gamer, and apparently even has a few projects in the work. So I thought perhaps he saw the impressive demo at E3 2018. But that wouldn't really explain why all of sudden he just started following the page rather than back in the summer.

Kanye West has said in the past he also follows people who inspire him, which is why he follows the likes of Emma Gonzalez and Candace Owens, and so maybe Cyberpunk 2077 is some type of artistic inspiration to the artist?

If you follow Kanye's work, you'll know he is obviously inspired by the Cyberpunk sub-genre, which is no surprise given that Akira is one of his greatest creative inspirations, as well as Ghost in the Shell. So the idea that Kanye is hot on Cyberpunk 2077 wouldn't be very surprising.

However, at this point, I sound like some unhinged celebrity gossip tabloid writer with a detective board, so I'll stop. But the question still remains: why is Kanye West following Cyberpunk 2077 on Twitter (who didn't reciprocate the love with a follow back)?


If anyone out there has an answer -- if there's anyone else who cares -- I would love to know. At the moment, it seems like Kanye is simply excited to play some Cyberpunk 2077, and who can blame him. I think we all are.

Source: Ye's Twitter