KeyForge Reveals New Details About Upcoming Expansion

The revived card game KeyForge is providing some new details about its upcoming expansion. Earlier this month, the new board game publisher Ghost Galaxy announced they had purchased the card game KeyForge from Asmodee, with plans to revise the game from a nearly two-year hiatus caused by the loss of the algorithm that generated new decks for the game. While Ghost Galaxy hasn't provided a timeframe for the return of KeyForge, they did provide some new details about the upcoming Winds of Exchange expansion, which was in development when KeyForge originally went on hiatus. 

In addition to a brand new house – the Merchant Compacts of Ekwidon - Winds of Exchange will also introduce token creatures for the very first time. Magic: The Gathering players will likely be familiar with token creatures, as they are generic creatures represented by a token instead of a full card. In Keyforge, each deck will come with a random token card. When a card from that deck says to generate a token card, players will put a facedown card onto their battle line to represent that token creature. 

The new token creature comes with a few interesting twists unique to the KeyForge system. First, each deck comes with only one token card, which can be generated by any card in that deck regardless of their house. That means that a player can quickly build up one of their house's forces using token cards. The other angle is that many of the token cards contain common keywords that sync up with other card abilities, which provides some interesting mechanical twists. 


Because of the nature of the KeyForge purchase and transition, it could still be some time before Winds of Exchange sees a release date. Expect to hear some news about the game in the coming months.