King of Fighters XIV Adds Heidern as DLC Character

Following the announcement of Oswald and a new, fan-designed nameless Saudi Arabian character, the [...]

Following the announcement of Oswald and a new, fan-designed nameless Saudi Arabian character, the third DLC character for King of Fighters XIV has been revealed. This time it's Heidern, the third member of the Ikari team, which he is part of with Ralf Jones and Clark Still.

Heidern is tall, fast and dangerous, a power hitter who can cycle combos at an incredible rate. He serves as the commander of the Ikari Warriors, and notably adopted Leona as a daughter after losing both his wife and his daughter to the murderous hands of Rugal Bernstein. Heidern uses a mix of martial arts and "self-taught assassination techniques" to get the job done, so he's really not someone you want to cross on a bad day.

Here's what his official bio says about him:

Soldiers salute! Heidern is the leader that Ralf and Clark look up to and the father figure to adopted daughter Leona. Always keeping a cool head, Heidern uses his martial and assassination arts to take out his foes without hesitation. His hand strikes are nothing to take lightly.

A lot of his moves might seem familiar to long-time King of Fighters competitors, which will make him easy to pick up and learn for many. There isn't much official information to explain his upcoming commands, but if we look back on older games, including when he debuted, a little more context does come in to play. Some of his most notable moves from previous King of Fighters entries include:

  • Slashing Hands - Heidern's hands can cut and pierce as if they were knives.
  • Cutting Aura - Aside of his slashing hands power, Heidern can create a cutting aura around his arms.
  • Cutting Projectile - Heidern can send a cutting/piercing projectile flying with his hands.
  • Absorb Life - By piercing his hands in his enemy's body, Heidern can absorb his or her life-energy and refill his own.

Heidern, Oswald, the unnamed female Saudi Arabian fighter and a fourth character will be released for King of Fighters XIV in May. Stay tuned for updates on who the mysterious fourth character will be.

King of Fighters XIV is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC.