Kingdom Hearts 3 to Allegedly Feature a Jungle Book World


Within the world of Kingdom Hearts, anything goes. Now that Tangled and Monster's Inc are both confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III, it's time for the hunt regarding the next world revelation to kick off once more.

We know of at least (heavy emphasis on "at least") one more world that has yet to be revealed. Tetsuya-san has previously revealed that his favourite world is still under wraps and that he can't wait to share it with everyone. But, this is the internet and we can't just let things lie and one post seen over on Resetera and 4Chan points to a trailer reveal in April featuring the infamous Jungle Book.

According to the post:

Jungle Book is the main focus of the trailer. Mowgli is a party member alongside Baloo who can perform duel link attacks, similar to SDG Trinity.
- Introducing more ways to use Athletic Flow in the trees as well as against bosses.
- Bagheera and Shere Khan will be in the trailer alongside Kaa (Footage of Kaa's boss battle).
- A new 'summon' will be shown. How it is activated is unknown but Simba will emerge from a rock, roaring loudly before pouncing on Heartless and attacking them.
- Pete and Maleficent are shown again as well as an unamed female Organization member (Whether that is Larxene or someone else).
- The trailer begins with SDG walking around a town with white houses stacked on top of each other and huge windmills. They come across the sign that reads the name of the town. (Possibly Cable Town?)
- The next scene starts with Baloo and Bagheera being attacked by Heartless, which SDG save them and have a conversation stating Mowgli has been taken by Louie.
- The Keyblade is shaped like the tree Baloo scratches his back on in the film. The Keychain is of a wolf. One transformation is turning into a swinging tree that Sora swings on, kicking enemies.
- The Theatrhythm minigame will be featured in the trailer.
- The trailer shows off more of Monsters Inc and Hercules.
- The final scene is Sora entering a room and walking towards the window with chess pieces on, looking surprised.
- A tease of a Keyblade transformation silhouetted, promising the next trailer will be at E3.

Given the nature of social media forums and 4Chan itself it is important to take this rumor with a heavy grain of salt. Several other sources have backed this claim up come April, including those responsible for previous leaks in the past. You can check out the documentation following this speculation right here.

In other Kingdom Hearts III news, there is at least one more world yet to be revealed, but we did get to see a few more Keyblades in action, as well as more on the Gummi Ship and how players will be able to customize it to their liking in the video at the bottom of this article. You can't explore a vast, open world without a tricked out ship, after all.

According to Game Watch, here's the breakdown regarding where the game is at completion-wise:

  • Character production and animation - Complete
    • Additional snippets still being added.
  • Environmentals
    • First part of the game - 90% complete
    • Second part of the game - 60-70% complete

Kingdom Hearts III is currently slated for a release sometime later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.