These 'Kingdom Hearts' Inspired Controllers Are the Key-blade To Your Heart

We talk about the team at Kustom Kontrollerz quite a bit, if only because they’re one of the few [...]

We talk about the team at Kustom Kontrollerz quite a bit, if only because they're one of the few companies out there that caters to fans and makes peripherals based on what they're looking for. They've proven in the past they know how to tap into different communities, including examples featuring Venom, Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat 11 and even Static Shock. But now they're back with two majestic Kingdom Hearts controllers that will melt even the most die-hard fan of the series.

Kingdom 3

The team recently showed off two different sets of Kingdom Hearts-inspired controllers, one for Xbox One and one for PlayStation 4. There are two different designs, and, man, fans are probably going to have a hard time between choosing one or the other.

You can see the designs in the tweets below. As you can see in the first one, there's a solid white Kingdom controller featuring Sora and various logos from the series; and there's a darker second one featuring emblems strewn together into a beautiful pattern.

Now, before you go, "Wow, everyone at Square Enix should have these!", keep in mind that Kustom Kontrollerz makes these peripherals inspired by the games. They aren't official Kingdom Hearts controllers. That said, fans that are interested in them- and there seem to be a lot right now- can definitely reach out about putting together an order to put one of these types of controllers in their hot little hands.

Considering the only real official controllers out there are PDP's wired Kingdom Hearts III Xbox One peripheral (which is pretty good, actually) and the PS4 pad that comes with the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle, this may be a good alternative. And, again, that dark design is pretty cool in its own right, though we know some folks are fans of the white one as well.

If you're interested in talking with the team about an order, you can reach out to them here on Twitter; or email them at They're in the midst of getting their website back up at the moment, so those two ways are best when it comes to reaching them.

Now about a Goofy controller, guys?!

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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