Kotaku UK Is Shutting Down

Kotaku UK, it was revealed today, will cease to exist as of later this week. This, of course, has no impact on the United States-based Kotaku, which is a product of G/O Media. Kotaku UK was a creation born out of Future Publishing licensing agreements, which Future Publishing has chosen not to renew when they expire this Wednesday, September 9th. Kotaku UK goes out at six years of age, given that it was founded in September 2014.

"So this is the end for those of us working on the site right now, but not necessarily the end for a localised version of Kotaku," editor Rich Stanton's farewell post reads in part. "The rights will be reverting back to G/O Media this week, and US-based Kotaku will continue to operate and produce content. Fans can continue to follow Kotaku at www.kotaku.com."

As for the why of Future Publishing not extending the license, it is currently unclear. G/O Media has had its share of high-profile problems ever since it formed, and there's no telling what the current situation between the two companies looks like. Notably, Gizmodo UK is also shuttering, which was another licensed deal by Future Publishing. On top of everything else, coin purses everywhere are a bit tighter thanks to the ongoing pandemic, so that surely played some part here.

"One thing this job gave me was a deep respect for the output of Kotaku, and the talent and hard work of its US staff past and present," Stanton's post continues. "I’d particularly like to thank Stephen Totilo for various help and advice over the years, as well as for making me an expert bluffer on The Division 2, a game I’ve never played. Alex Walker, editor of Kotaku Australia: thanks for all the swaps over the years, you’re a good mate, and catch ya later."

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