LA Noire Remastered Rumors: VR Support and First Person Mode Coming?

Rumors about an upgraded re-release of Rockstar’s detective adventure LA Noire are once again [...]


Rumors about an upgraded re-release of Rockstar's detective adventure LA Noire are once again spreading. We first heard that a remastered version of the game might be in development back in January when a noted Rockstar insider, Yan2295 tweeted that such a title may be heading to the Nintendo Switch:

The source was quickly backed up by another tipster, Direct Feed Games, who added that the alleged port may also come to Playstation 4 and Xbox One:

As E3 2017 came and went, the apparent remastered edition of LA Noire was nowhere to be seen. While its non-appearance might cast doubt upon some of the talk surrounding it, increasingly strong rumors about the alleged project have since continued to fly. We have heard from three separate sources related to Rockstar that VR features have been prototyped for the Playstation release of the game, indicating that a VR mode might well be on its way.

In addition, we have heard that a first person mode is planned to be added to all versions of the game. If these rumors amount to anything, it's easy to imagine a first person mode being realized in a similar fashion to the first person mode added to GTA V's Xbox One and PS4 versions:

There's no word yet on when the apparent LA Noire remaster is set to launch. Earlier rumors indicated that it may have been planned for later this year, but given the busy release schedule all three of the rumored systems, Rockstar might well end up pushing it back to 2018. If so, this would make 2018 a huge year for the company with Red Dead Redemption 2 currently being expected to hit in Spring 2018.