League of Legends Trailer Teases New Champion

Riot Games released a new League of Legends trailer on Wednesday giving us a stylish preview of a new champion coming to the game. The trailer shows a slain swordsman who “must decide if he will make peace with his past—or be consumed by it” as he struggles with his new place in the afterlife and the events that brought him there. This character shown is connected to the Spirit Blossom event and is the second of the two champions teased earlier in the year. July 22nd was mentioned in the trailer, so we can look forward to that date to see more about the champion and the event.

The Ionian swordsman in the trailer finds himself in the afterlife where he instinctively reaches for his blade only to find it’s not with him. After traveling for a while with a companion serving as his guide, he diverts to a more sinister location where he confronts his past.

If you’ve been keeping up with League of Legends leaks and rumors recently and have some understanding of different champions’ backstories, you likely already have an idea of who this character is. This champion is thought to be Yone, Yasuo’s half-brother. Yasuo’s lore said the two were close, but when Yasuo was framed for the death of a revered elder who Yasuo apprenticed under, Yone was honor-bound to challenge him. Yasuo won the duel and killed Yone.

Yone confronts this memory after deviating from the main path in the trailer when he finds his own body slain on the ground. After a fight with a demon, Yone is seemingly returned to the living world, though not exactly as he was before. Part of the afterlife – including the demon – seems to have come back with him, thus giving us the masked assassin who’s been teased numerous times in the past.


As for Yone’s abilities, we can only tell so much from the cinematic, but a blend of swordplay and otherworldly powers is expected. We know he’s indeed an assassin just like Yasuo is and that he’s not a Darkin despite what his appearance and weapon might indicate. There certainly looks like there’s an internal struggle still raging within him based on the trailer and past teasers that showed him with one red eye and one blue, but it’s unknown now how his two sides will manifest themselves on Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends still has to release Lillia before we get to Yone, so look forward to that champ’s release first while we wait to learn more about the assassin.