League of Legends Account Transfers Are Returning with a Temporary Discount

The option to transfer your League of Legends account to a different server is finally returning [...]

The option to transfer your League of Legends account to a different server is finally returning in the next patch with a discount being offered after the feature's long delay.

Way back in November, Riot Games announced that some difficulties had been encountered when it came to getting the account transfer feature back up and running following the downtime experienced during the first preseason patch. At the time, an update said that Riot was looking into the problem, but an ETA of when the feature would return couldn't be provided.

More recently though, Riot confirmed on Twitter through its support account that the account transfer option would be back during the next patch. The timing of the return falls in line with another update that came from Riot earlier in the month where it was predicted that the feature would be available once again sometime in January or February at the latest.

In addition to the feature becoming available once again, the account transfer option will be discounted at half-off the original price. Swapping your account over to a different region typically costs 2600 RP, a price that comes out to $20, so only having to pay half of that price isn't a bad deal. The discounts won't last forever though with Riot putting a Feb. 6 deadline on the sale, so if you're planning on moving over to a different server, you'll want to make sure you take care of that before that date.

The FAQ provided in the tweet above also answers several important questions that you might have about transferring to a new server. Refunds won't be provided for accidental or regretful transfers, so don't go hopping over to a North American or European server if you aren't truly committed. There are also only certain servers that you can transfer to depending on where you start, a full infographic outlining the possibilities available in the FAQ.