League of Legends All-Star 2019 Event Will Include 1v1 Matches and URF

Riot Games revealed the details of this year’s League of Legends All-Star event where the best [...]

Riot Games revealed the details of this year's League of Legends All-Star event where the best pro players and League personalities will meet for a series of casual and competitive matches. These events will include a 1v1 tournament to determine who will be crowned this year's 1v1 champion as well as an URF competition where the best players around the world will have the full potential of champions unlocked thanks to some insanely low cooldowns.

The All-Star event that takes place towards the end of each year will be held from December 5th to December 7th, Riot announced in an overview of the event. Personalities like DisguisedToast, Tyler1, Scarra, and more will be joined by pros such as Sneaky, Caps, Tian, Faker, and many more across every major reason where League is played. You can find a full list of them through the post on the League site to see if your favorite player is attending.

As for the actual events, League players who watched last years All-Star games will see some familiar match types returning this year. A breakdown of the various events can be seen below with a more detailed description of what's happening including times for the matches seen through the League site.

1v1 Tournament

  • Caps returns to defend his title against 31 of the greatest players in the world, including Pabu, the dark horse from the OPL that ran through the bracket in 2018 to nearly win the tournament.

Littles & Legends Charity TFT Tournament

  • League pros ("Littles") will team up with Challenger TFT players ("Legends") to compete for their favorite charities. Littles & Legends compete in separate brackets for a combined team score.


  • Regional Rivalry grudge matches return alongside some of our most popular game modes: Tandem, Assassins, and URF.

The Littles & Legends tournament is one of the new events this year since Teamfight Tactics wasn't even a thing during last year's All-Star event. Along with URF being back, the return of the Tandem mode should also prove to be an entertaining viewing experience. This game mode involves a match where champions are controlled by two people, one of them using a mouse while the other uses a keyboard. Whether players have synergy or not, this is usually one of the better matches we see.

All-Star 2019 will start on December 5th at 4 p.m. PT and will run until December 7th.