League of Legends Buffs Planned for Jungle, Support Items in Patch 8.4

Lee Sin
(Photo: Riot Games)

Several essential items are getting buffed in an upcoming League of Legends patch alongside a potential nerf that'll tone down the power of one jungle item.

Jungle items overall are seeing some improvements in Patch 8.4, but the one item that won't benefit quite as much is Tracker's Knife. This ward-placing item provides vision throughout the game by essentially giving a sighstone to the jungler on top of the one that the support already has, a system that can lead to a great deal of vision during some games which can cause them to drag on.

But outside of that jungle item, other options like Hunter's Talisman are receiving buffs to help those champs who usually start with it anyway. Mana-hungry champions should also benefit from a possible buff to the mana regeneration rate in the jungle, according to a list from Riot Meddler that detailed potential item changes in Patch 8.4.

Item Changes:

  • Tracker's Knife - Investigating (might not change) whether this is just too dominant a choice at this point, which also leads to excessive vision especially in organized play.
  • Hunter's Talisman versus Hunter's Machete - Tweaking stats a bit to make Talisman a better choice on champs it should be strong on.
  • Jungle items generally - Potentially increasing mana regen to open up the jungle more (mana gating keeps quite a few champs from clearing effectively early relative to less mana hungry junglers)
  • Ancient Coin - Looks too weak, even on champions it fits best on (Janna, Soraka, Rakan). Smallish, simple buffs likely as a result.
  • Wit's End - Buffing slightly in general and a bit more for melee champs (they'll steal MR faster than ranged).

Two notable changes for non-junglers are the possible changes to Wit's End and Ancient Coin. The first item that's split between offensive and defensive uses doesn't get bought all that much at present, but a buff for melee champions that's mentioned may make it a more attractive option on auto attack-based champs who are up against a heavy AP team. Like the mana-hungry junglers, supports that need mana most might be able to look forward to that change for the Ancient Coin, depending on what it is.

These changes are tentatively planned for Patch 8.4 and should hit the PBE sometime soon before they go live.