League of Legends' Championship Ashe Available, Sales Contribute to Charities

Championship Ashe is now available to purchase from the in-client League of Legends store with profits going towards both the Worlds tournament and several charities.

The Championship line of skins typically go towards the prize pool that competitors during the Worlds competition fight for, and this year will be no different. But additional funds going towards selected charities is a new development as Riot Games chose three meaningful areas – mental health care, access to healthcare, and access to technology – to contribute to.

To be transparent with players on what causes their money will be going towards, Riot listed the three charities that'll be receiving part of the Championship Ashe funds and provided a quick description of each to detail their efforts:

  • BasicNeeds builds sustainable programs that support people with mental illness and epilepsy in low- and middle-income countries. BasicNeeds trains and engages local governments and nonprofits to build working models of prolonged mental health advocacy and support. They aim to expand programs into three additional countries with the goal of aiding 250,000 more people over three years.
  • Learning Equality enables access to high-quality education in communities without Internet access, breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. They'll further develop and launch their offline learning platform Kolibri to provide rich digital experiences for underserved students in over 175 countries.
  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation crafts low-cost computers for people all around the world use to learn and have fun with computing. All sales fund their technology education programs like CoderDojo. They plan to host 5,000 more coding dojos in communities across South America, India, China, and East Africa.

Regarding the breakdown of the Championship Ashe sales, 25 percent of the profits will go towards the 2017 Worlds prize money. Riot will also match 25 percent of the Championship Ashe sales during the Worlds competition to allocate the money towards a charity fund, and players will then be able to vote on which charity they want to support. Players with higher honor levels will have their votes weighted more, and the winning charity will receive 50 percent of the charity fund while the remainder will be split between the other two organizations.


Championship Ashe is currently available for 1350 RP, and Riot will release another announcement closer to voting time to explain the process.



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