League of Legends Players Are Being Compensated for Clash Delay

Any League of Legends players who were planning on participating in this past weekend’s Clash [...]

Any League of Legends players who were planning on participating in this past weekend's Clash launch will be compensated for their patience during the delay, Riot Games said.

As anyone who was ready to join their teammates for the first Clash weekend will know, the launch tournament was cancelled before many ever even had a chance to try it. Riot Games confirmed the news for region after region that the tournament would be canceled due to unforeseen technical issues with no new start date for the tournament. In Riot's explanation for the Clash failure that was revealed today, there's still no new date for the Clash relaunch, but there is an explanation for what went wrong.

"As soon as the first tournaments for Clash were starting in the Philippines and OCE, we realised games were not starting and teams were automatically losing, something that we had not seen in this fashion or scale in internal testing or regional betas across Vietnam, Turkey, both European servers, North America, and Korea," Riot Games said. "We started pulling in engineers from across Riot to help triage, but because the global rollout was ongoing, we had to scramble to find a fix as soon as we could. Unfortunately, more and more regions were due to roll out while we were actively working on finding the source, forcing us to make late cancellations."

For those who didn't get to partake in Clash despite submitting an entry ticket for you and each member of your team, Riot's already said that you'll be getting your tickets back as they're refunded to your accounts. It was also revealed today that as long as you were on a Clash roster and were ready to get going this weekend, you'll get a Clash Orb with some loot included that should be in your account by June 2.

"First, we'll be returning all used tickets to your account if they were spent. Further, as a thank you for your patience, we'd like to offer a bonus for everyone who was on a pending or active roster of 2 players or more. We'll be granting a Clash Orb containing a 3 win XP boost, two Clash team logos, one for MSI and the second at random, and a shard for a 750 RP skin."

The future of Clash will include some one-day betas in each region to make sure that it works perfectly before being relaunched, but the details of those betas have yet to be announced.