Watch League of Legends' New Clash Login Theme

A new League of Legends login theme has been spotted that features the game’s upcoming Clash mode.

The login animation and music was added to the game’s PBE recently and was reuploaded by frostyNinja, the YouTube account that collects all of the League of Legends’ login themes as soon as they’re made available. Featuring designs that are based around the game mode’s tournament bracket lines, the login theme features a five-champion team composed of Darius, Zac, Orianna, Jhin, and Leona organized in the top-to-bottom order that you’d find them in during a real game.

With the new login theme now added to the game’s PBE, players can expect to see it come to the game’s live servers sometime soon. It’ll replace the current login theme for MSI 2018 when it does, the season’s first international event that’s currently underway.

There’s also no release date that’s been set yet for the Clash tournament mode that Riot Games has been testing over time with PBE trial runs and live betas. One of the most recent betas for the Clash mode was launched back in April where even non-PBE players could test the new mode by forming teams and fighting for prizes. The PBE tests that have been held in the past were Riot’s way of trying to squash some bugs while incentivizing players with rewards if they helped contribute to the tests while the open beta allowed more players to participate than ever before where a first look at the system was provided.

To participate in the feature when it goes live for everyone, you’ll have to first put together a worthy team and then purchase some entry tickets to compete. These tickets can be bought with either Blue Essence or Riot Points and everyone on the team will have to be a ticket-holder to obtain entry.


Some of the features and guidelines for Clash have changed over time, but to get the gist of the tournament mode if you’re still unfamiliar with it, a dev post from several months ago still contains many core details about Clash.

“So we’re developing Clash, a team-based competitive mode that’ll run a couple of times each month,” the past dev post said. “You’ll assemble your team during the week, and on the weekend you’ll compete in a series of single-elimination brackets against teams of your skill level. Each day’s brackets get more competitive as you face off against the other winners from across the server, and the further your team gets, the greater your rewards. You can choose to play in any of the brackets over three days, but only teams that sign up on Friday and continue winning all the way to Sunday have a shot at taking home the biggest prizes.”