League Of Legends Devs Discuss New Champ Timeline, Warded Ping

There have been some significant changes made to League of Legends recently concerning both the [...]

(Photo: League of Legends)

There have been some significant changes made to League of Legends recently concerning both the competitive scene and the overall gameplay, and in a post from Riot Meddler on Friday, the Riot Games employee gave some insight into what additional changes can be expected in the near future.

Amid discussions about hotfixes and slight changes to champs, one of the more interesting bits of information was listed at the bottom where Meddler spoke on the timeline for upcoming champions and reworks. With the duo release of the bot lane combo Xayah and Rakan, it looks like they've already got a plan for how to unveil the next couple of champions updates and releases.

"Now that we're past Xayah/Rakan we should be back to generally alternating new champions and VGUs again for a bit," Meddler wrote. "Up next's a new champ, then Urgot, then another new champ, then Evelynn."

This means that if you're anxiously waiting for the rework of the crabby Headsman's Pride, you'll have to hold off just a bit longer, at least until they get whoever the new champ is released into the game. Meddler replied to a comment in the thread and said that teasers for the rework should be looked for after the next champ release as well.

However, at least we know what the timeline will look like moving forward for the next few big announcements for champs. After two new champions and a rework of Urgot, we'll get the shadowy rework of Evelynn as well. Both of these reworks were part of a massive leak from earlier in the year that detailed a slew of upcoming changes to League of Legends that included several reworks and new skins, two of which were for Yasuo and Riven that have now confirmed to be Nightbringer Yasuo and Dawnbringer Riven.

Another big possibility coming from Riot in the future is the potential addition of a "Warded" ping. If you search for any news of such a ping, you'll undoubtedly find post after post from players asking Riot to include it so that they can alert teammates quickly when a bush or other area is warded. Meddler said that the team can't make any guarantees on timelines for the ping at this time, but they said that they are indeed looking into the possibility of including a Warded ping later on.

It's not known at this time whether the ping would simply be added or would replace a ping — possibly the "Enemies Missing" ping that's used much more often to question teammate's motives — but with so many people asking about it, it's likely there will be a follow-up update soon.