League of Legends' Evelynn Is "Flying Under the Radar," Reverted Buffs Still Being Considered

League of Legends Shadow Evelynn
(Photo: Riot Games)

Evelynn is one League of Legends champion that players shouldn’t be seeing much in-game if the person that picked her is playing the champ well, but according to Riot Meddler, she’s not being seen much in any games compared to other junglers.

However, that doesn’t appear to be due to her being weaker. If anything, one Rioter says that she’s pretty strong at the moment and is just hidden in the shadows at the moment thanks to the popularity of Lethality users.

“At present we think Evelynn's somewhat on the strong side, though not sufficiently so that she needs to be nerfed,” Riot Meddler said. “A combination of the pre-season changes, and some recent bug fixes, have improved her performance noticeably. She is getting overshadowed in terms of play rate by a lot of other junglers, our suspicion is that she's flying under the radar as a non lethality user there however, and is quite a bit better than she's being given credit for.”

As far as buffs go for the champion, there aren’t any changes being considered for the next patch that’ll be the first one of Season 8 to start the new year. However, Evelynn players will recall that there were some changes on the PBE for some time that were eventually pulled from the testing phase and didn’t make it into a patch. Those potential buffs might not come back for Evelynn in the exact form that they were first seen on the PBE, but there are still plans to look deeper into those changes.

At some point if she ends up weak we would want to reassess a couple of the changes for her we pulled from the PBE a while back (Q CD down with less monster refund, R refunding some CD on kill). Still interested in exploring those further. No guarantees they're necessarily the buffs we'd ship if she needed power, and as above we think she's closer to too strong than too weak. They had some promise though so would want to look at them again.”