League Of Legends Explains The Limits On Hextech Chest Purchases

The League of Legends team recently explained to players why there’s a limit on Hextech Chest [...]

League Of Legends Loot
(Photo: Riot Games)

The League of Legends team recently explained to players why there's a limit on Hextech Chest purchases that players can buy within a one-day period.

The option to buy loot boxes one after another without hesitation seems like a model that spend-happy players and Riot Games would enjoy, but they actually have several reasons that factor into the limit. Player satisfaction and fraud are the two main components taken into consideration with the imposed restrictions.

Referencing a previously-established tenant of "we want to add content that excites you when you first hear about it, feels good when you buy it, and leaves you glad when you look back, even months later," Riot DontHassleDaHoff explained the loot limit.

"The part of 'leaves you glad when you look back' was a major factor when adding in the limit for Hextech chests, as we wanted to do what we could to avoid buyer's remorse," the Rioter said. "We've all heard stories of drunk purchase regret or a kid getting ahold of their parent's account and racking up hundreds of dollars in microtransactions in a single day."

Altogether, the limits imposed are intended to make sure players feel like they got something worthwhile from the loot as opposed to flying through box after box with nothing to write home about.

Mentioned earlier, fraud is also one of Riot's concerns with the loot boxes. Take the scenario of someone taking your account and blowing all your accumulated RP on chests, something that could still be done with other buyables like skins, but thwarting a bogus skin purchase is a bit easier than stopping loot purchases given the variety of items that can emerge from them.

"I know what you're thinking 'But Rito, someone can steal my account and just buy all the skins!' – while that is true, it's a little easier for us to interpret the intentionality of skin purchases versus the randomness of boxes when rolling back fraudulent purchases," DontHassleDaHoff explained.

Since the system has been implemented, the Rioter also stated that some players do hit the loot limit, but it's still pretty rare that it happens.