League of Legends Is Updating Flex Queue in Next Patch

The next update planned for League of Legends will remove the rank restrictions from the game's Flex Queue mode to allow players to team up with their friends regardless of what rank everyone on the team is. This new system that's coming to Flex Queue was inspired by the success of the system of the same kind used in the game's Clash tournaments, Riot Games said. Matchmaking systems will still be in effect to group players against opponents around similar skill levels, but you won't have to worry about rank disparities between you and your pre-made teammates when Patch 10.15 releases.

Riot announced the change to League's Flex Queue system in the game's latest Gameplay Thoughts post. Patch 10.14 released just a few days ago, so Flex Queue players will have to wait just over a week to see the effects of the change, but it's coming in Patch 10.15.

"We're excited to have this much needed update for Flex Queue coming to live servers in patch 10.15!" said League's lead gameplay designer Mark "Riot Scruffy" Yetter. "After seeing the success of an unrestricted rank system in Clash, we're applying the same approach to Flex Queue. Queue with any of your friends, no matter their rank! Similar to Clash, the system will use a weighted average that prioritizes the higher skill players."

The weighted average system that'll be in place means players with the highest skill will be considered more in the matchmaking process, so players will still be grouped with players of higher skill levels depending on who they have in their teams.

Yetter closed out the Gameplay Thoughts post by saying the change should make the Flex Queue system more accessible to players of different skill levels who want to play with others regardless of their ranks.


"On the whole we think this better serves the queue to be more accessible to groups that want to test their skills even if it creates more games with a wide spread of ranks," Yetter said.

Look for the new Flex Queue change to be added in the game's 10.15 update.