League of Legends Previews New God Staff Jax Skin

Jax 0 (1)
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new League of Legends skin for Jax that’s being called God Staff Jax was recently previewed.

The God Staff Jax skin was shown off in a tweet from the German League of Legends Twitter account with a brief video. God Staff Jax’s recall animation was shown in the tweet, an animation that shows the master fighter twirling around a golden staff before sprouting a few extra arms and lifting himself into the sky to head back to base.

While this is the first sighting of Jax’s new skin that we’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t take too long now for the skin to make its way onto the PBE for players to scout out bugs and other issues. The next patch for League of Legends should be dropping soon this week, so the new PBE cycle that’ll begin shortly after should have the new God Staff Jax skin included with the work-in-progress balance changes and other features.

Jax has quite a few skins to his name already, some of them being Legacy skins and others being Limited Edition cosmetics, and he also has several chromas for his Nemesis Jax skin. But the God Staff Jax skin looks like it’ll be one of his best ones yet, though it’ll likely be one of the costlier ones as well.


An interesting detail of the skin also lies both in the skin itself and the name. The name of the skin and its powerful, golden aesthetic seems to put it under the same umbrella as God Fist Lee Sin, another skin that’s easily one of the best picks for the champion. God Fist Lee Sin cost 1820 RP, so if this new Jax skin is a continuation of the “God (Weapon)” skin line as it appears to be, a similar cost can likely be expected. This might also open the door for more skins to follow, all the more reason to make God Fist Bard (God Meep Bard?) a thing.

Look for the new Jax skin soon on the PBE to try it out for yourself before it’s available in the store.