League of Legends Reveals Three New High Noon Skins

Riot Games is expanding the High Noon collection of League of Legends skins with three new [...]

Riot Games is expanding the High Noon collection of League of Legends skins with three new cosmetics unveiled for Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot.

Just yesterday, we reported that players had begun receiving emails hinting at some new skins. The champions weren't explicitly named in the messages, but all signs pointed to the skins being for the three champions mentioned above. What the skins were wasn't known though with each one looking like High Noon skins yet having some devilish descriptions, but it appears that they are indeed part of the High Noon collection albeit with a supernatural spin.

A trailer was shared first for the new skins, the one above that featured a Western standoff between Thresh and Lucian, two champions that have a deep rivalry. Urgot was nowhere to be found except for his fiery chains shown at the very end, but the trailer's description mentioned him by name and confirmed that all of the skins are part of the High Noon set.

Not long after that, the splash arts for each of the skins were shared as well, each one with a demonic twist while sticking to the Western theme that ties the High Noon skins together. The tweet below from the European League of Legends account shows all of the skins' splashes in one spot. Another tweet was shared just before that through the game's main Twitter account to show what each one of the skins would look like in-game.

Feedback threads for the skins are also going up now on the PBE boards, one already up for Urgot as well as Thresh, though Lucian's doesn't appear to be ready yet. The post for Urgot says that his skin costs 1350 RP, so that'll likely be the price for Thresh's as well despite it not having a price listed yet. Lucian's skin received quite a bit of focus in the trailer and looks like it's got more going on with it, so it's possible that it'll cost more than the others.

These new High Noon skins are now on the PBE for testing and are scheduled to be available on August 30.