Riot Addresses Complaints About League of Legends' Honor Capsules

League Of Legends Honor
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players have voiced mixed opinions about the recent honor system update since it was unveiled, and Riot Games recently addressed some of the concerns.

While objections and commendations for the new honor system have been expressed in recent months, the positives and negatives of the system have been discussed pretty thoroughly. On the one hand, it gives players loot-based incentives to be more sportsmanlike in-game while also giving them the chance to show off their honor level with special loading screen boarders. But conversely, others have suggested that reaching honor level 5 might be not be as rewarding as it seems.

"I mean it's the highest honor level right now," wrote Redditor 2maca in a thread that received a response from Riot. "Making [the honor badge] permament (as long someone is Honor level 5) would reward the player for good behavior even more. Also it should be something special right? Instead of having the same treatment of Honor-3 and 4."

Addressing the player's concerns with the honor system, Riot's NaKyle said they they've heard the complaints loud and clear.

"As far as loading screen flairs showing up, they're meant to show teammates that you're coming off a good game," NaKyle said. "Still, we've seen confusion about how they work, so we're looking at whether that's just a learning curve for everyone or something we need to just that clearer at end of game."

Moving on to a different topic centered around the new honor system, NaKyle also acknowledged frustrations with the honor capsule drops.

"We're seeing the pain around capsule drops feeling too random (I personally didn't get one till I'd been Honor 4 for two weeks), and making clearer check-in points while you're on your way up the leveling system," NaKyle added. "All these will be especially important next season, when everyone resets to level 2 alongside ranked."


To put players at ease, the Rioter also added that the next big step for honor is the end-of-season rewards that'll be distributed in upcoming months, rewards that'll contain "literally zero summoner icons."

Players' honor levels will be reset to level 2 to allow for another sportsmanlike climb with the next season, but there's still time to rank up and nab those end-of-season rewards.