League of Legends Is Adding In-client Email Verification Soon

An in-client option to add an extra layer of security to League of Legends players’ accounts is [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

An in-client option to add an extra layer of security to League of Legends players' accounts is being added soon to keep your account safe without leaving the client.

Email verification is a security measure that's currently offered for all League accounts, but at the moment, it requires players to go online and navigate to League's official website in order to verify an email address. This isn't too large a hassle to deal with, but the feature being implemented into the client itself should help prompt those who have been putting off the verification to take care of their accounts thanks to the convenience of the in-client feature that'll become available in Patch 8.3.

"Starting with patch 8.3, you'll be able to verify your email in-client (rather than visiting leagueoflegends.com)," Riot Marowe explained in a League boards announcement. "If you have an unverified email address, we'll send you reminders in the League client with steps for verification. If you need to change the email associated with your account, you can do that too. These reminders will be sent periodically to unverified accounts throughout the start of the season. If you don't get the notification, your email is already verified. If you don't get the notification but still want to change your email, you can change it on leagueoflegends.com via the settings menu in the upper right hand corner."

Like before, adding this security measure to your League account is totally optional. Nobody's going to force you to verify your email, but with the benefits that it offers coupled with the fact that you'll periodically receive notifications from the client means that there's really no reason to not use the feature to protect your skins and progress and get rid of those notifications. You'll eventually have the option removed and will be made to verify your email anyway, so you might as well do it now.

"Right now, this process is optional," Riot Marowe continued. "We strongly recommend you do verify your email ASAP, but you can postpone the reminder for later. During this time, we'll be adjusting for any unforeseen issues and ensuring we're giving everyone enough time to verify their accounts. After this initial optional phase, we'll be rolling out mandatory email verification later in the year."

The in-client email verification feature will take effect in Patch 8.3.