League of Legends Reveals Major Preseason 2022 Changes

League of Legends developer Riot Games has today given fans a first taste of some of the major changes that will be coming to the popular MOBA in the forthcoming Preseason 2022 phase, which will kick off in the coming months. For those unaware, Preseason is a period of time in which Riot implements a number of wide-ranging tweaks to League of Legends before fully implementing these changes in the following Season, which will start in 2022. This time around, the alterations that Riot is planning for League of Legends are lessened when compared to last year, but some massive overhauls are still inbound. 

Detailed in a new developer video, which you can watch below, members of the team at Riot Games broke down some of the first major updates that will be coming to League of Legends after Season 11 comes to a close. In a general sense, Preseason 2022 will be adding a handful of new items that specialize with certain champions more so than before. In addition, some items that currently exist in-game will be getting somewhat overhauled to better achieve the goal that Riot set out when adding them in the first place. Runes are also said to be getting switched up, especially when it comes to the Inspiration tree, but Riot didn't say much about what this will end up looking like. 

Far and away the biggest change that the forthcoming Preseason phase will add to League of Legends comes with two new dragons. Rather than the current four dragons that are in-game (fire, air, earth, ocean), League of Legends will now feature Hextech and Chemtech drakes. Like the other dragons, these two new versions will change the map in their own unique way and will also come with special abilities once teams are able to obtain the Dragon Soul. The Hextech Soul will allow you to chain-slow enemies, while the Chemtech Soul gives players the ability to briefly revive when killed to still do damage (similar to Sion's passive).

Lastly, Riot will also be rolling out a number of smaller updates with Preseason 2022 as well. A new Challenges system is one thing that is going to be implemented and will allow players to flex their prowess a bit more. The current bounty system will also be getting changed up a bit as well, with new bounties also arriving for objectives. While there's still more that Riot has yet to reveal about Preseason 2022 for League of Legends, those finer details are set to come about within the next few weeks.

How do you feel about some of these massive changes that will soon be coming to League of Legends? Do you think that they will be good for the game? Let me know your reaction either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.