'League of Legends' Lunar Revel Event Brings Back ARURF

League of Legends’ latest event has begun with the Lunar Revel 2019 kicking off to add new skins [...]

League of Legends' latest event has begun with the Lunar Revel 2019 kicking off to add new skins and the return of the fast-paced ARURF game mode.

Officially started on Monday, the event will last throughout February and is scheduled to end on March 4th. New skins like Firecracker Vayne are available, that cosmetic also getting a Prestige Edition variation. Firecracker Sejuani, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, and Lunar Wraith Sylas are all also on sale during the event, each of those skins costing 1,350 Riot Points and classified as Legacy cosmetics except for Vayne's Prestige Edition skin.

Along with the usual haul of borders, Summoner Icons, and emotes, the Lunar Revel 2019 Pass also makes an appearance for the first time in the event's history. Like Riot Games' passes before it, buying this means players can earn tokens by playing games, those tokens then used to buy the different loot items including Vayne's Prestige Edition skin. It costs 1,000 Lunar Revel Tokens, but it's by far the most expensive option with everything else averaging around 150 tokens.

The Lunar Revel Pass comes with several Lunar Revel Orbs, but players can also purchase those separately or in packs. Each orb gives players the chance to receive multiple skin shards and potentially a Gemstone, all of the orb's details listed below

Lunar Revel Orb – 250 RP

  • One random skin shard
  • 5x multiplier on gemstone and mythic skin drop rates
  • 8% chance to drop another random skin shard
  • 4% chance to drop a Revel Grab Bag
  • Guarantees a 520 RP skin shard, 750 RP skin shard, 975 RP skin shard, Epic skin shard, and Legendary skin shard
  • 8 Lunar Revel Tokens

For those not looking to spend any money during the event but still want to earn some tokens, Lunar Revel missions will award free loot and a minimum of 100 tokens should they all be completed, the full list of missions seen here.

Another pass-like item is making its first appearance during this event as well with the Golden Spatula Club going on sale for ARURF players. The game mode with ultra-low cooldowns and randomized champions has returned with the Golden Spatula Club granting players one skin boost for their team during each game, another reroll to pass on a champion they don't want, minion taunts, and "champion finishers" which get better depending on the number of Golden Spatula Club members.

League of Legends' Lunar Revel 2019 event is now live and is scheduled to come to an end on March 4th.