League of Legends Reveals 6 New Lunar Revel, Sweetheart, and Arctic Ops Skins

League of Legends players have been waiting for the reveal of this year’s Lunar Revel skins, but [...]

League of Legends players have been waiting for the reveal of this year's Lunar Revel skins, but Riot Games gave them something better by announcing six skins at once.

Announced through the German League of Legends Facebook page, the new skins that are headed to the PBE for testing are Arctic Ops Gragas, Sweetheart Rakan, Sweetheart Xayah, Lunar Guardian Warwick, Lunar Guardian Nasus und Lunar Empress Lux.

While some of the skins were hinted at in the past or were topics of speculation when looking at Riot's skin release schedule through the months, Arctic Ops Gragas is one skin that comes largely as a surprise. Joining the Arctic Ops skin line along with other champions like Kennen and Varus, Gragas adds a new skin to his growing collection that outfits the big guy in some fur-lined armor with a hi-tech, weaponized barrel.

The Sweetheart for Xayah and Rakan are two cosmetics that didn't have any official teasers from Riot leading up to their announcement, but with February around the corner, there was heavy speculation that the two champions would be the recipients of this year's heart-themed skins. Considering the duo dynamic between the two champs, it makes sense that they'd get the skins that capitalize on their conjoined recall and other interactions.

But the reveal that's been teased closes to the announcement of the new skins is the owners of this year's Lunar skins: Warwick, Nasus, and Lux. After a brief video was shared via various League of Legends social media accounts yesterday, the design of the teaser and the wording were pretty clear signs of the Lunar Revel skins. Speculation began on which champions would get this year's skins with candidates like Renekton, Aurelion Sol, Nasus, and others cropping up thanks to references to an "immovable titan, the vicious beast" and "the light of the new year." With her sizeable collection of skins including her recent Elementalist skin, Lux wasn't a champion that many expected to receive one of the Lunar skins, but the "light" reference does make more sense after the reveal.

The prices of the new skins haven't been revealed, but each of them should be added to the PBE soon with more details.