League of Legends Mobile Leaks Again, Reportedly Launching Soon

A mobile version of League of Legends is reportedly being announced later on Tuesday, and if the rumors are true, it’ll supposedly be playable around the same time. News of Riot Games’ mobile port of the game once again surfaced this week in the wake of the game’s 10-year anniversary celebration as esports consultant Rod Breslau highlighting some pre-registration links for the mobile version. These links were said to be live for a short while before being taken down in their respective regions.

The tweet below from Breslau follows the longstanding rumors of a mobile version of League. They show what appears to be promotional artwork for the game featuring some of the most popular and recognizable champions like Ahri, Jinx, Yasuo, Teemo, and Blitzcrank. These images and links to register for the game were supposedly live in China and Brazil before they were removed.

League going mobile was one of the top guesses within the community regarding what might be announced during the anniversary event this week, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise at this point if League Mobile really is announced. Riot said itself in the past that it wasn’t ruling out mobile version of League’s Teamfight Tactics mode, a game mode that seemed like it’d fit perfectly on a mobile device.

The first substantial news of a mobile League version first emerged back in May when a report claimed that there were some frustrations between Riot and its owner, Tencent, that centered around a mobile League game. Riot supposedly rejected Tencent’s proposal to make a mobile version of its game despite how popular mobile MOBAs have been in select regions.


Even more revealing than those reports was a video that emerged just last month and apparently showed off the mobile version in action. That video, seen above, showed off what essentially looked like a lite version of League with a mobile interface walking players through the champion select phase. The process of choosing runes was simplified, and it even showed the champions spawning in to a mobile version of Summoner’s Rift. The YouTube channel it came from is dedicated to League Mobile leaks, so it’s easy to imagine something like this could be fabricated or iffy, but it seems like an involved video to fake.

League’s celebration will culminate in a big Riot Pls video releasing later on Tuesday, so look for that video around 6 p.m. PT to see if these rumors are accurate.