League Of Legends Announces Super Rare Neo PAX Sivir And Epic Capsule Loot

League of Legends has revealed that the classic PAX Sivir skin will be returning with a vibrant [...]

Neo PAX Sivir
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends has revealed that the classic PAX Sivir skin will be returning with a vibrant twist along with a new Epic Capsule loot.

The original PAX Sivir skin is already a crazy rare cosmetic to come across, one that's never been sold in-game before. This exclusive Sivir skin was distributed to guests who attended the PAX gaming conference in 2011. Neo PAX Sivir is a skin that bears resemblance to the original, but you won't have to attend the actual PAX East conference this time around to get your hands on the skin.

While it'll still be simpler than traveling to PAX to get a skin, receiving Neo PAX Sivir still won't be too easy. If you've been saving up your gemstones in your loot collection for something special, you might want to continue hoarding them.

Like other loot-exclusive skins, the Neo PAX Sivir variant will have to be crafted through gemstones, 10 of them to be exact. Those players who already have PAX Sivir from the first time around will automatically receive the new skin for free. After the crafting period is over, Neo PAX Sivir will never be given away again or made available again.

It's still possible for plenty of players to find this many through chests and other loot opportunities, but when they can be quckly turned into another chest and key set, the temptation to convert them quickly is all too real. Of course, you could always find Neo PAX Sivir through loot drops as a skin shard, something that will be much easier through the addition of a new loot item, the Epic Capsule.

"Epic Capsules do not require a key and contain three skin shards, with one guaranteed to be Epic or higher," the description for the Epic Capsules reads. "They have an increased chance to drop gemstones, and the store will also feature a bundle of five Epic Capsules with a bonus Hextech Chest and Key."

While picking out a skin for a set price is the safer option when it comes to getting new cosmetics, at 750 RP each, the Epic Capsules actually seem to offer a pretty decent deal if randomized loot is more exciting to you. With three skin shards and the chance to get a rare skin shard, the price isn't bad if you aren't picky about what you might receive.

Neo PAX Sivir will be craftable from Aug. 31 till Jan. 8, 2018, and the Epic Capsules will be available until Sept. 8, though there's no word on when the Epic Capsules will be added to the store.