League of Legends Reveals First Details on New Zed Comic

Riot Games and Marvel are set to debut yet another comic series featuring another League of Legends champion soon. The new comic features Zed, the ninja champion with deadly abilities and a mastery of forbidden shadow techniques. Riot will release the first issue of its Zed series starting on November 20th, and you’ll be able to read it for free from the League Universe page just like you could with the other champions’ comics.

The first details of the Zed comic were hinted at during Riot’s 10th anniversary celebration for League. Riot Games’ Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, the vice president of IP and entertainment, spoke about the League universe as a whole in the video above and what steps had been taken to expand it beyond a game alone. It was during that stream when we caught the first glimpse of the cover for the Zed series’ first issue.

Fast-forward to this week and we now have more information on the series. A brief description of what the series will entail was shared in a post on the League site along with the release date for Zed #1.

“The man known as Zed, formerly of the honorable Kinkou Order and now leader of a band of assassins, aims to protect his homeland of Ionia...even if he must spill innocent blood!” Riot said about its upcoming comic series. “When the magically gifted psychopath known as Khada Jhin returns to kill again, Zed must confront his troubled past in more ways than one—including a reunion with his former friend Shen, son of the master that Zed killed! A tale of magic, revenge, and honor lost and found.”


Some art previews were also shared there including the one above that showed Zed in the middle of a fight. Zed’s rival, Shen, also made an appearance in the artwork, and the Khada Jhin character mentioned in the description is indeed the insidious Jhin who’s another champion in League. If you’ve never explored the connection between those champions before, we’d recommend reading “The Man with the Steel Cane,” a short story that involves Jhin, Zed, Shen, and Akali.

Street spoke to ComicBook.com about Riot’s Marvel comics in the past to give an idea of what the collaboration was like. The past two League comic series have focused on Ashe and Lux, respectively, and we also got an explanation for why those two characters were chosen.