League of Legends Is Bringing Back the Blue Essence Store

League of Legends players who are sitting on some stockpiles of Blue Essence will want to hold onto that resource just a bit longer now that the Essence Emporium is set to make a return this week. Riot Games said in its patch notes for the 10.9 update that the store where players can spend their Blue Essence on different items will go live starting on April 30th and will stay available for the next two weeks before it closes its doors on May 13th. Riot kept in the major items players would typically go for during the event and “a few minor changes to the experience” as well.

The Essence Emporium – commonly known by players as the Blue Essence Store – returns periodically in League to give players something to spend their Blue Essence on. Chromas, icons, ward skins, and other items are typically what’s found there, so don’t expect to be buying any premium skins that normally cost RP for your Blue Essence instead. There are some exceptions to that though like URFwick, the coveted Warwick skin that’s rare due to its Blue Essence Store exclusivity.

“The Essence Emporium returns from April 30, 2020 to May 13, 2020! Spend your Blue Essence on exclusive icons, chromas, and skins,” Riot said about the Essence Emporium’s return. “For this run, we are rolling out improvements to the popular Mystery Champie Icon Boxes. We kept all the things players love, but there are a few minor changes to the experience.”

League of Legends Warwick
(Photo: Riot Games)

Changes made to parts of the Blue Essence Store’s Icon Boxes can be seen below:


Essence Emporium Icon Boxes

  • To get a full list of icons that can be acquired from each box, please check the item description
  • When you purchase a Mystery Champie Icon Box, it will now appear in the Hextech Crafting tab (where your skin shards, Prestige Points, and event tokens live)
  • If you receive an icon you already own, you can disenchant it for a FULL refund of the BE cost

Pretty much everything in the Essence Emporium costs a lot of Blue Essence since it’s a resource players earn just by playing the game, so some players may not even be able to participate in the store if you’re running low right now. For those who aren’t hurting for Blue Essence, however, look for the Essence Emporium to return on Thursday and stick around for the next two weeks.

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