League of Legends' Next Small Patch to Include Katarina, Jarvan IV Nerfs

The next smaller patch League of Legends receives will be one that’ll include nerfs for dominant [...]

League of Legends Katarina
(Photo: Riot Games)

The next smaller patch League of Legends receives will be one that'll include nerfs for dominant champions such as Jarvan IV, Katarina, and Kalista.

Kalista may not be quite as oppressive as the other two champs listed in the potential nerf category for Patch 8.3, but that doesn't exclude the champ from having her power toned down, at least where her ultimate's concerned. Patch 8.3 is part of the new patch alternating patch cycle and will be smaller in terms of buffs and nerfs, but the changes should still be noticeable enough.

Riot Meddler discussed the champions and runes that are likely candidates for nerfs that align with the smaller patch's goal to fix things that are "either in urgent need and/or are fairly straightforward to work on."


  • Jarvan
  • Katarina (previous nerfs didn't do enough)
  • Magical Footwear
  • Kalista (potentially taking power from her ult)
  • Manaflow Band (less certain on this one, but looking at it again at least)


  • Master Yi
  • Tryndamere
  • Caitlyn
  • Volibear
  • Viktor

Expanding on the statement that the previous Katarina nerfs didn't do enough to the champ, Meddler discussed the point elsewhere within the League boards while bringing up the champ's dominance across ranks.

"We think Kat's a bit too strong across a range of MMR bands, including above Plat, and including when played by people with only moderate amounts of experience on her," Riot Meddler said. "It's not just one tricks with 100s of games doing well."

Jarvan IV's nerfs were explained as well with the champ's changes resulting from his versatility in team comps, not just from whatever his play rate might be compared to other junglers.

"Our take is that Jarvan's pretty much always the right choice in the jungle at present, given combination of his numerical power and range of tools/flexibility he brings (engage, early power, duels fairly well, can burst, lot of build flexibility, disengage etc). Play rate by contrast isn't something we use as an indicator of whether or not a champ should be buffed or nerfed (though it can be a good indicator that a champion should be investigated). Champs with high play rates can still need buffs (fun and cool themes so people play them regardless even if they're weak). Champs with low play rates can be too strong (niche or poor theme, kit not so fun, still overpowered when picked even if less people do so because most people don't pick off power alone)."

League of Legends Patch 8.3 will be the smaller patch following 8.2, the next update to come.