'League of Legends' Trailer Spotlights Kayle's Rework

Riot Games’ newest League of Legends trailer shows players how to best utilize Kayle’s new abilities now that the angelic champion has been reworked.

Kayle’s Visual and Gameplay Update was revealed not long ago alongside Morgana’s visual improvements that were accompanied with some slight gameplay changes, and this latest trailer gives a better look at how players should tie Kayle’s abilities together. Like Champion Spotlight videos before it, this trailer for Kayle shows players what each ability does and also teaches Kayle’s potential opponents about her weaknesses so people know how to fight her.

It’s a smart idea to refresh yourself on Kayle’s new abilities anyway since the champion should be coming out fairly soon along with Morgana’s updated appearance. Following the reveal of both champions’ new looks and gameplay changes, the pair was added to the League of Legends PBE servers for testing. Now that the cycle is almost complete and a new patch should be coming this week, the sisters will hit the Rift soon. Kayle might look a bit different compared to her initial reveal if players haven’t been keeping up with the PBE changes after Riot Games said it would tweak the champion’s appearance to better portray Kayle’s armor.

Kayle’s core identity has been expanded on with her reworked abilities that still allow the champion to protect allies and dominate enemies with ranged attacks. She has to ramp up her ranged power now though, the ability moved to her passive as an evolving effect that grows stronger as the game goes on. Because of this, anyone who’s playing against Kayle will want to end the game as quickly as possible or else she’ll become a true damage-dealing machine past Level 16.

Kayle and Morgana’s champion updates are expected to be available on live servers soon following the release of the next update.



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