League of Legends Mid-Patch Update Buffs Gwen

League of Legends’ newest champion, Gwen, has only been out on Summoner’s Rift for a few days now, but that’s been enough time to warrant a buff for the character. Riot Games updated its notes for Patch 11.8 on Friday to include a buff for two different parts of Gwen’s kit that focus on the champion’s base stats and her primary damage ability called Snip Snip! The changes were slight ones compared to how other champions were affected by the last update, but they should be noticeable to those who’ve already been putting time in with Gwen.

The buffs for Gwen changed the values of her base armor as well as the base damage of Snip Snip! and the ability’s damage on the final cut that always does more than the first few strikes. You can find the buffs for Gwen’s stats below as outlined in the mid-patch update for Patch 11.8.

Gwen’s Mid-Patch Buffs

  • BASE ARMOR: 37 ⇒ 39
  • Q - SNIP SNIP! BASE DAMAGE PER SNIP: 8/10.75/13.5/16.25/19 ⇒ 9/12/15/18/21
  • Q - SNIP SNIP! FINAL SNIP BASE DAMAGE: 40/53.75/67.5/81.25/95 ⇒ 45/60/75/90/105

So, Gwen’s got more armor to start the match off to help her survive against the more physical champions she’ll find in the top lane she’s geared towards, and she’ll have more damage across the board for her Snip Snip! ability. For those who haven’t played as Gwen and have only faced off against her, that’s the one that she’s able to use so frequently in lane where the cuts at champions with her scissors to deal true damage in the center with the number of cuts increasing based on how many times she attacked an enemy previously.

“Gwen rapidly snips her scissors between two and six times, dealing magic damage in a cone,” the overview for her Snip Snip! ability read. “At a minimum, Gwen will snip twice, adding one snip per basic attack Gwen has landed on an enemy (up to four for a total of six). Enemies in the center of each snip take true damage, as well as the bonus magic damage from Thousand Cuts.”

Players are still settling into Gwen’s playstyle since she’s so new on the Rift with people competing to play as her during champion select. Nashor’s Tooth and other items focused on ability haste and attack speed have been popular options so far, but we’ll likely see more innovative builds manifest as people get used to Gwen.