League of Legends' VS Event Was Closer Than You'd Think

The latest League of Legends VS event concluded with God-King Darius reigning supreme over God-King Garen, but the end results weren’t quite as one-sided as many players would’ve thought.

Just like the first VS fight between Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo, this event asked players to pick a side and fight for their faction. Completing the missions assigned to each faction helped push them closer to victory, so while God-King Darius eventually triumphed, many completed missions for God-King Garen as well.

Riot Mortdog took to Twitter to share some of the event’s results and revealed the stats to show just how close the battle was. The Rioter also explained elsewhere in the replies how the results were tallied with Riot Games taking the number of missions completed and dividing it by the number of players participating to see which side was completing more missions.

Compare these results to the Riven vs. Yasuo event and you’ll see that the more recent one was much closer. Riot Mortdog said that last year’s VS event was calculated by popularity instead of missions completed, so it was based on who voted for each side. Yasuo obtained 61 percent of the votes while Riven only managed to bring in the remaining 39 percent, the Rioter said.

The comments about Darius’ seemingly inevitable win started shortly after the event was revealed. While both of the God-Kings have their flaws, Darius is the darker of the two with more sinister colors, an axe-scythe hybrid, and the constant appeal of dunking on enemies over and over. Strip away the story behind the God-King skins and the champions’ finer details and you’ve essentially got a good vs. evil showdown, a battle that many thought would see players err more on the evil side.


League’s VS event is now completed with Darius being the victor, but even if you didn’t get to complete all of the missions, you can still complete one more task to earn an icon for whichever side you chose and perhaps earn some Blue Essence.

“After the event, you must complete one final mission by July 23, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT to receive an icon commemorating the VS 2018 victor,” the VS event page said. “If you chose the winning God-King, you’ll also earn 1000 Blue Essence.”