League of Legends: Wild Rift Alpha Test Planned for Next Month

A limited number of League of Legends players will be able to take part in a League of Legends: Wild Rift alpha test starting next month, Riot Games announced. This will be the first opportunity players will have to try out the version of League of Legends that’s planned for consoles and mobile devices, though the mobile version is planned to release first and therefore appears to be what the alpha is played on. More details on the alpha are to be shared towards the end of the month along with other info about the Wild Rift game, Riot said.

The latest on Wild Rift was shared through the game’s official Twitter account, an account that’s been mostly quiet for the past few months as the team went dark to work on the game. Several topics were addressed in the account’s latest tweet with the alpha test first announced for next month.

This test will only be available in Brazil and the Philippines and will require devices with higher specifications though, so not everyone will be able to participate.

“We’re temporarily raising the required device specs to support a very limited alpha test next month in Brazil and the Philippines,” Riot’s update on the matter said. “More info on that, and a bunch more, at the end of May.”

People often try to get around regional restrictions to access games, demos, and alphas at different times than they’re supposed to, but even if you don’t want to go through the hassle or aren’t able to play in this alpha, the announcement is positive news for those elsewhere who are looking to try out Wild Rift. The game’s site has long said that “limited alphas and betas in select countries” were planned for the future, so the fact that one is starting soon should give hope to players elsewhere who are waiting for their turn.


A Dev Diary from March that focused on Wild Rift showed off some of the gameplay changes players can expect to see in the mobile and console versions of the game. Several champions have been altered to fit the new format with their abilities and designs tweaked, though the gameplay should largely be the same as League players are familiar with.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is planned for a mobile release some time in 2020 with a console release planned after mobile.