League of Legends: Wild Rift Reveals Beta Release Date for the Americas

League of Legends players in the Americas who’ve been waiting to try out League of Legends: Wild Rift finally got an idea this week of when they’ll be able to play the game’s beta. Riot Games announced during its big reveal of the Season 2021 plans for League of Legends and the games within its universe that the League of Legends: Wild Rift beta will be extended to the Americas starting in March. Other details shared during the event gave more insights into how champions will be released in Wild Rift in the coming months as well as new game modes that are coming to the game.

For those who haven’t been paying as much attention to the Wild Rift beta rollout, it’s been steadily releasing in different regions around the world since testing first begun, but it hasn’t been available to anyone in the Americas yet. A 2021 release timeframe for the beta in that region was all that was given prior to the release being narrowed down to March. This beta will only be for the mobile version of the game with no regions currently able to test the console version planned for a later release.

Champions from League of Legends have also been gradually making their way into Wild Rift over time with three more champs confirmed for the mobile game during the same event. Katarina, Rammus, and the reworked version of Dr. Mundo that’s currently being worked on for League of Legends will all come to the game at some point this year. Other champions will be added outside of those three with an average of two champs per month coming to the game, Riot Games said.

For those who are able to play Wild Rift now because they’re in a region where it’s available, you’ll be able to start playing ranked matches soon with the start of the game’s first ranked season that’s beginning this week. Riot Games also said that an ARAM game mode like the one League of Legends players should be familiar with by now is currently in development for Wild Rift and will be testable later this year.